Joining the Humanist Association of Ottawa

As humanists, we value reason, compassion, critical thinking, science, justice, integrity, equality, and tolerance, and we strive to promote education, understanding and development of ethical principles, practices and culture associated with these values.


By joining the HAO, you will connect with like-minded people, be part of the growing secular movement in Ottawa and support us in our work. We depend entirely on the generosity of our members to fund our meetups, campaigning and lobbying activities.

Become a Member

Join us or renew your membership and help us promote Humanism and freethought and build a strong secular community in the Ottawa area. Basic annual membership starts at $20 (or $10 for limited income households).


If you would like to support us financially without having a paid membership, you can make a donation.


Affiliation with Humanist Canada

We are excited to announce that the Humanist Association of Ottawa has become an affiliate of Humanist Canada. Upon joining or renewing your membership you will be eligable for a one-year (one-time) complimentary membership in Humanist Canada.

    Come to our Meetups

    Join our Meetup group. We organize several activities throughout the year and we welcome everyone who wants to participate. Our meetups are free to HAO members. There is a small fee for non-members to help cover meetup costs.

    Keep in Touch

    You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or visit our contact page.

    Take the lead!


    Anyone can volunteer. If you value reason, compassion, critical thinking, science, justice, integrity, equality, and tolerance, and you want to make a difference in your community, take the lead! With the Board of directors’ guidance and assistance, you can organize activities, contribute to our website, Meetup, Facebook and Twitter content, write news articles, spread awareness, recruit guest speakers, draft, translate and/or review our communications in English, French and other languages, and so much more. Contact us to help us build a stronger secular Ottawa.

    Join the Board

    HAO members can also join the HAO Board of directors. Board members are voted in for a one year term during our annual general meeting, held in the spring in Ottawa. We do part of our work secretarially by email and hold monthly meetings. Our responsibilities include:

    • establishing board policies in keeping with our mission and vision,

    • attending and participating in monthly meetings and the annual general meeting,

    • active correspondence with other board members via email between meetings,

    • lead HAO projects and activities,

    • learn, exchange ideas and debate issues,

    • represent atheist, humanist and secularist views, and provide a balance to the influence of religious groups,

    • promote and celebrate scientific and rational thinking,

    • promote humanism as a life-stance,

    • have fun!

    (123 street ave, A1A 1A1, Ottawa, ON)