Secular, Non-Religious, Officiant Services

Humanist officiants provide wedding, funeral or child dedication, ceromonies similar to traditional religious ones, but free of reference to a deity or prayer. There is also no claim of a life hereafter that will almost inevitably appear in a religious ceremony, especially a funeral. Without the abstract supernatural overtones Humanist ceremonies can be a good deal more personal and meaningful for non-believers.


Funeral services and child dedication ceremonies require no legal recognition from any governmental body. But marriages are another matter. In Ontario there are a few organisations that have obtained recognition by the Province to provide humanist weddings, two of which are Humanist Canada and the Ontario Humanist Society. Both of these groups self-describe their practitioners as 'Officiants'. The services provided by officiants associated to both groups are essentially the same and they cooperate together in their effort to provide the best possible service to potential clients.

One thing that clients appreciate very much is the opportunity we give them to fashion their own ceremony to their own tastes around a basic structure dictated, in the case of weddings, by the Province. This is why each ceremony can be quite unique, personal and meaningful to them.

Humanist Officiants

Peter Moller (Almonte and Far West End of Ottawa) Peter Moller


Sponsor: Ontario Humanist Society


Bryce Healey (Ottawa Region)Bryce Healey


Licencing body: Ontario Humanist Society



Michelle Ballow (Ottawa Region)Michelle Ballow


Sponsor: Humanist Association of Canada

David Corkery (Ottawa Region)Dave Corkery

613-868-8316 (home)

613-868-8316 (mobile)

Sponsor: Humanist Association of Canada


Simon Parcher (Ottawa Region)Simon Parcher


Sponsor: Humanist Association of Canada




Scott Rothwell (Ottawa Region)Scott Rothwell

613-710-VOWS (8697)

Sponsor: Humanist Association of Canada