Humanism is Atheistic

Many people raised in a religious environment can't fathom the idea of living a life without God (or Gods). It can be hard to imagine how people could be moral, or where they would draw inspiration from to even get up in the morning. These are all just thoughts that have been perverted by religious indoctrination.

There are ways to live a beautiful, inspirational and moral life without rooting it in superstitious belief. The following articles explore the godless life from all angles including atheism, humanism, and science. We attempt to unravel the demonization that has been cast upon these ideas by those scared of them, and then we explore the much grander insights into our universe, that a truly open mind is able to entertain.

Atheism Explained

As simple as the concept of Atheism sounds, it is very much misunderstood by many people. This article clarifies what Atheism is, and what you can expect of atheists out there in the world. (more)

The Origins Series

A very interesting series of articles that explore the origins of many of our cultural traditions. The series challenges the reader by showing how these traditions evolved naturally in our culture and were often not a product of religion. (more)