About Us

The Humanist Association of Ottawa (HAO) has been operating since 1968.


A world where reason and compassion guide public policy and social values to enable the fulfillment of human potential.


To promote the cause of humanism, foster the humanist community in Ottawa, and advocate for a secular public domain.


  • We recognize that human suffering is a challenge that must be addressed by humans alone through collective understanding and action.
  • We advocate for the universal realization of human rights.
  • We value critical thinking and rational thought, seeking to proportion the strength of our convictions to the strength of the evidence that supports them.
  • We affirm that no evidence supports the existence of a deity or the supernatural.
  • We stand against the symbiotic relationship of dogma and totalitarianism, and defend democratic principles of governance and free and open debate.
  • We acknowledge that humans are a part of nature and must take responsibility as environmental stewards to preserve our planet for current and future life.
  • We support equal opportunity for all to maximize their potential.

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