Abolish Canada's Blasphemy Law

The Humanist Association of Ottawa is supporting efforts led by Humanist Canada, CFI-Canada and AHQ in collaboration with the International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws, where over 200 Global organizations participate. Actions by members of the coalition to repeal blasphemy laws have already been taken in Ireland, Iceland and are under way in New-Zealand. England repealed its blasphemy law in 2005, France in 1789.

We certainly do not wish to see Canada as the last stronghold of blasphemy laws in the Western World. To support abolishing Canada's blasphemy law, please consider adding your signature to a petition to be delivered to Parliament.

Your action, should you sincerely support the Petition:

  • Print page 3 of the petition
  • Provide an original signature (not electronic)
  • Provide your address as indicated on the form, including any formal designations you wish to share
  • If you want, share the petition with others and collect a few signatures
  • Mail the signed petition to:

Humanist Canada

45 O’Connor Street, Suite 1150

Ottawa ON. K1P 1A4