We support Humanist Officiants.

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Secular non-religious officiant services in Ottawa.

We get together with other humanists.

We regularly organize pub nights and presentations on topics of interest to humanists.  These events are available to the public. You can pay a small fee per event, or pay a little more to become a member for the year. We also have member-only events.

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We advocate for secular values.

The Humanist Association of Ottawa (HAO) has been operating since 1968 and over the years has come out in favour of a number of policy positions in support of advocacy for  public policy based on reason and compassion.

Here are some of the causes we’ve been involved with.



Past Events

The HAO presented a lecture on marijuana legalization.
March 24, 2017
On March 24th, the Humanist Association of Ottawa presented a public lecture where Eugene Oscapella, an Ottawa lawyer and a lecturer on drug policy in the University of Ottawa Criminology De...
The HAO Supported Electoral Reform
January 2, 2017
On October 26, 2016 the Humanist Association of Ottawa took part in the public consultations done by the House of Commons Special Comittee on Electoral Reform. Our presiden...
2016 Summer Solstice BBQ
August 19, 2016
On a beautiful July afternoon with only a few tiny (refreshing) sprinkles of rain, the members of the Humanist Association of Ottawa got together for our annual summer barbeque, which was ge...

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